Polycarbonate & More near Miami

Faulkner Plastics is your go to polycarbonate sheet dealer. We stock polycarbonate sheet, known by the trade names Lexan®, Hyzod®, and many others, in several colors and tints in all thicknesses. Polycarbonate sheets are a highly industrial material, known for its durability. It is an extremely impact resistant plastic and completely shatterproof. Clear or tinted polycarbonate sheet is appropriate in any application that requires transparency and durability, while its opaque variations make great sign material. We cut polycarbonate sheet to exact size while you wait, deliver locally and ship cross-country or internationally. No job is too big or too small.

Our CNC capabilities allow us to accurately reproduce even the most intricate industrial parts from poly carbonate sheet.

Common Polycarbonate Applications

  • Lenses
  • High Temperature & Pressure Windows
  • Face Shields
  • Industrial Equipment & Hosing Components
  • Electrical Insulators & Connectors
  • Aircraft & Missile Components
  • Portholes In Pressure Chambers
  • Jet Pump Impellers & Diffusers
  • Automotive Parts
  • Card Guides & Assembly Line Clogs