Our Story

Faulkner Plastics Inc. of Miami is a plastic company opened by Joseph McCabe Sr. in 1966. After working for years as a manager with a New York based plastic company Joe Sr. moved to sunny South Florida in hopes of opening a successful business of his own. Joe Sr. was so well liked in the industry, that he garnered support from local competitors when he announced his plan of opening his own venture. As such the project went smoothly, and Joe Sr. started Faulkner Plastics Inc. of Miami.

The new plastic company started to grow as did Joe’s family. His wife Peggy and he went on to have five children. The lone boy, Joe Jr., practically grew up in the office. As a kid his idea of a fun Saturday was going to work with his father. By the time he graduated high school Joe Jr. had learned the business inside and out. When he went away to college Junior took the business with him, literally. He opened the second branch of the company in Gainesville, Fl in 1985. He ran the Gainesville branch successfully until he earned his industrial engineering degree from UF at which time he returned home to permanently join the main office. Along with a college degree Joe Jr. brought home an innovative business mind and a passion for Faulkner Plastics Inc. that challenged even that of his father. Joe Jr. has given the company a major overhaul since his dad’s era, who officially retired in 2000, bringing the company up to date technologically and investing in the state of the art equipment that has become the company’s hallmark.

Although more successful than ever, this plastic company has remained loyal to its community. Faulkner Plastics Inc. has occupied the same building for over 45 years and has never forgotten the original reason for its success, the South Florida Community. Joe Jr. now has two sons of his own, Joe III and Evan, both young men look forward to ensuring that Faulkner Plastics Inc. of  Miami provides excellent service to its customers for another 45 years.