Custom Furniture

Lucite Furniture and HDPE Furniture

Over the years Faulkner Plastics has delved deeper into the world of high-end Lucite furniture. Faulkner has become known for its precision, reliability and craftsmanship in the acrylic furniture arena. At any point in we are collaborating with award-winning architects and interior designers to satisfy their equally accomplished and discriminating clientele.

With as little as a napkin sketch or written description, we at Faulkner Plastics can envision the final form and translate it into a custom design. Every piece can be scaled, modified or customized to match your vision. Everything touched by our artisans is hand fitted and worked to precision. Our most important tool is our experience and discerning eye. From Classic Lucite waterfall tables to fun and colorful pieces for children’s rooms, a hand-crafted acrylic furniture pieces can be the perfect finishing touch to your modern home.