Large Format Digital Printing

Given that so many of our stock materials play such a pivot roll in the printing and digital graphic markets, it only made sense for us to develop a full-service print shop in house. Our printing capabilities range from high-volume, single-color branding work to super high-definition, photographic artwork. We even have direct to object printing capability, allowing high volume promotional branding of objects like tumblers or USB drives. Our flatbed UV printers apply ink directly to a substrate, eliminating the additional labor, delamination risk, and bubbling commonly associated with traditional applied vinyl graphics. Nevertheless, in the spirit of being truly full service we do also have the latest technology in roll to roll, vinyl printing and plotting and the expert installation knowledge to go with it. Our flatbed printers are 4ft x 8ft, and our vinyl printer is 60’’wide. Although we are plastic experts, our printers are robust and we are comfortable processing other materials as well, including wood, metal, glass and paper products.