Acrylic Printing Services near Fort Lauderdale & Miami, FL

Some recycled acrylic sheets near Lauderdale, FL


Faulkner Plastics is your source for a large selection of acrylic sheet, known commonly by trade names such as Plexiglas®, Acrylite®, and Lucite® as well as many others.  Our selection of acrylic sheet includes clear acrylic sheet, colored acrylic sheet, fluorescent acrylic sheet, acrylic mirror sheet, acrylic textured surface pattern sheet, all available in a wide range of thicknesses. We carry acrylic sheet from a wide array of manufacturers ensuring that we have the quality and price point required for your application and keep a large stock to ensure timely service. We cut acrylic sheet to exact size while you wait, deliver locally and ship cross-country or internationally. No job is too big or too small.

Acrylic sheet is extremely versatile but is typically found in cosmetic applications. Faulkner’s custom fabrication capabilities allow us to produce your acrylic project to exact dimensions.

Common Acrylic Sheet applications include:

architectural glazing, trade show exhibits, skylights, map/photo covers, art/document preservation, vehicle glazing, electronic equipment panels, framing medium, infrared windows, machinery glazing, brochure/ad holders, safety glazing, lenses, retail display fixtures and cases, pediatric incubators, point-of-purchase displays, industrial safety guards, noise shields, lighting fixture diffusers, splash guards, outdoor luminous signs, transparent tanks, street lighting shields, transparent lids, restaurant sneeze guards, transparent equipment, food containers, models, restaurant trays, demonstration windows & housings, tabletop covers, child-proofing railings and balconies…. and 1000’s more.