Diamond Edge Polishing

The challenge of polishing the edges of acrylic sheet is a tale as old as time. Historically the ‘’right’’ way to do it (sanding with several different grits of sandpaper and then hand buffing to a high polish) is way too labor intensive to practical for large scale production jobs and the ‘’fast’’ way to do it (flame polishing with a hydrogen torch) leaves the material susceptible to chemical crazing and never looks perfect. Luckily, at Faulkner, we have heavily invested in the only technology that combines the best of both worlds. Diamond edge finishing acrylic sheet is extremely efficient and results in a finish that rivals even hand buffing. It involves passing the edge of a cut piece of acrylic over a high rpm, diamond tipped, planer blade. The results are stunning. We have five diamond edge finishing machines on our shop floor-the largest of which can handle pieces 10ft long and 3in thick. That kind of fire power ensures your simple ‘’cut and polish’’ job will always be on a short lead time, and that your acrylic fabrication job will always have an A1 finish and beautiful glue joints.