Hand Craftsmanship and Assembly

Hand Craftsmanship and Assembly All the technology and equipment in the world still can’t replace the TLC of a highly skilled craftsman. Luckily, those are in no short supply here at Faulkner plastics. At the end of the day, all of the disciplines and technologies listed above leave us with parts-sometimes those are finished parts, but more often than not those parts need to be assembled into something different all together. Whether a near priceless piece of furniture, several display cases for a museum, or thousands of P.O.P. displays for a national retail brand, our craftsmen are up for the job. Knowledgeable in every imaginable industry technique and incredibly agile, our team on the production floor is really the secret sauce that separates us from your average distributor or fabricator. We have tremendous experience that includes packaging and logistical fulfillment for national rollouts. Be assured no job is too big, too small, nor too complicated.