Fabricate Supplies

If you prefer to buy raw material and fabricate your project on your own, Faulkner Plastics is your one stop shop. We carry everything needed to fabricate even the most intricate of plastic designs.

The entire line of WELD-ON® adhesives for joining acrylic, polycarbonate, and PVC sheet, rods, and tubes. We also carry applicators for plastic gluing.

Strip heater, for permanently bending plastic sheet to sharp angles along straight lines.

Brillanize® plastic cleaner, 20/20 polish, and buffing kits for safe cleaning and polishing of plastics with out risk of chemical hazing and/or crazing.

Plastic drill bits in all diameters, for drilling through plastic without chipping, cracking, or melting.

Acrylic shapes: hinges, latches, handles, hooks, spheres & cubes; for functionality.

Cutters and edge scrapers for cutting and then finishing the cut edge of plastic sheet.